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Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic
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Publisher: LucasArts  Developer: BioWare  Players: 1 


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Score: 19.75

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic


Written By Frank Reese

Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic is the best Star Wars game ever! I should say one of the best games ever made. I know that's a strong statement, but hear me out first. I played my fair share of Star Wars games, recently playing Star Wars Jedi Knights II: Jedi Outcast for the Microsoft Xbox. I fully enjoyed Jedi Outcast, but KOTOR simply blows away any other Star Wars game before it. Fill with electrifying combat. A deeply involving storyline with so many twists and turns, you wouldn't even trust yourself. Beautiful detailed graphics, perfectly showing off what the Xbox is capable of. You're guarantee a frenetic and wonderful time with KOTOR. But this diamond in the ruff does have scuff marks. With moderate slowdown and frequent loading.


            One of the best features in the game, (well besides not having to deal with Jar-Jar Blinks) is the ability to choice from the Light and Dark sides. What I love is you don't have to stick with just one side, on any giving situation; you're giving many choices of the Light and Dark sides. Although, as the movies states, staying on the Light side is difficult. For even the smallest of choices could place you closer to the Dark side. For instance, a old man is being beaten by some thugs, you could either save him or help the thugs (which will give you more respect from gangs); but even if you save the old man you have the choice to rob him of his last credits! There are many situations in the game like that, giving the game depth that almost equal to my other favorite game, Morrowind. The ability to choose sides, alone is highly worth the asking price of admission.


            The main story (the reason why I said main story, theres many subplots you can open) gives you almost totally control over it, allowing you to direct how your adventure unfolds. Characters are well developed, featuring extremely well done voice-acting; just make sure to turn off the subtitles in order to fully enjoy it. The music is another aspect of the game thats truly amazing, which fully immerses you in the game.


            The combat system, which takes a little while to get used to, becomes second nature after a small learning curve (about 10 minutes). Even though, the combat system plays out in real-time; you don't get much control over your characters. Besides choosing which attack or force abilities type your character will do. Fans of BioWares other titles like Neverwinter Nights will know what I mean. Nevertheless, I enjoy every second of the combat system, when you see how battles play out, you'll thank god for this combat system!


            SWKOTOR features a lite D&D rule set, but the dice rolls and modifiers plays out in the background for you. So if you wanted to you could ignore the system for the entire game. The graphics are great, some of the best on Xbox. But I do wish, the developers would have use more Xbox graphic features, but I guess theres always the sequel.


            The ability to customize your character is amazing, which seems to have limitless options. The choices between weapons, armor and force powers are staggering, and even more will be waiting to be downloaded on Xbox Live. But the best thing that you could customize is your lightsaber, which color you want, the length or if you want a double lightsaber. Also you can change how powerful your lightsaber is as well. As you can see, the choices are limitless.


            Now lets get to the flaws, albeit, doesn't really take away from your enjoyment of the game. The slowdown in the game, usually only happens when you entered a large area populated with a lot of NPCs. But it could annoy some people, like myself once in a while. The only other problem is the loading, which happens quite often. You'll see lots of loading screens, even for the smallest of areas. Fortunately the game loads rather quickly.


Finally, you won't find another experience like this on Xbox, or any other system for that matter. This only the only game to reach Halo, and in some ways, surpasses it! Now get out there and buy it already.


ESRB Game Rating:

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Score: 19.75
The CoDec Platinum Award
The CoDec Must Buy Award
Replay Value factor: 10 out of 25
Visual factor: 18 out of 25
Sound factor: 23 out of 25
Difficulty factor: 13 out of 25
Story factor: 25 out of 25
Multi-Player factor: N/A
HardCore Gaming factor: 18 out of 25
Casual Gaming factor: 15 out of 25

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