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CoDec Entertainment Software
CoDec Entertainment Software
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CoDec Entertainment Software

Welcome to the CoDec Entertainment Software website!
"Bringing Gaming To The Next Level!"

Welcome to the CoDec Entertainment Software website. CoDec Entertainment Software (CDES) is an Independent software developer. Unlike other independent software developers, we here at CoDec stride to develop only innovated software never developed before. Some developers call themselves "Hardcore Gamers", but CDES is really made up of Hardcore Gamers. CoDec Entertainment Software was created by Frank Reese in 1997 at the young age of 14. By 1999, CDES was established and almost ready to rock the gaming world.

CoDec is ready to launch ourselves as well as gaming into a new era where innovation is a must. Soon our games will rock your soul and mind in gaming bliss. You will find out that playing CoDec games will make you expect innovation and revolutionary gameplay and graphics from all your games.

Currently CoDec Entertainment Software has four games in development, among others in the concept stage. Fighter's Supreme: The Beginning of the End, Alge's Quest: A Shadow Over Middlton, Chaos Warriors: Wrath of the Dark Knights, and Perfect 10 Racing. Each game offers innovated gameplay and graphics. Thank You and enjoy the website. To read more about how CoDec Entertainment Software Inc got establish and more about the company's history, read the About Us page. And remember CoDec Entertainment Software is "Bringing Gaming to the Next Level".

CoDec Entertainment Software welcomes you to the CoDec Club. Register today, and you could get Free gear, videogames, soundtracks, downloads, and much more. Become a CoDec Club member, just go the CoDec Club page and register for Free!.

Coming Soon:
Fighter's Supreme: The Beginning Of The End, TBA
Alge's Quest: A Shadow Over Middlton, TBA
Point of Impact: Impact Point,  TBA

Read the Frank's Opinion page, get his insight on today's top subjects! With a side of humor. (Warning, the Frank's Opinion page contains harsh language and great humor.) Click Here

Alge's Quest: The Reborn Prince is coming soon to the PC Platform. Featuring 2D I-SO graphics, hybrid gameplay that contains RPG, Action, Adventure, and Platform elements; and a brand new story. The best part, (besides the rest of the features) is the price. Which is Free!!! The game is being developed by the CoDec Lite team using the Game Maker 5.0 software. Look for it soon!!!
If you want to be apart of the CoDec Lite team, we are currently looking for more artists, and writers. Please send a sample of your art or liturature work, along with your full name and age to  Please note, you must have some knowledge of the Game Maker program software. Which is free, go to to download it.

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