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Read about our company's history and our company's philosophy

Our Company

CoDec Entertainment Software Inc is an independent software company. Started by Frank Reese on Oct 20, 1997 in his school's library. By himself, he worked to start his dream of becoming a software designer. James HillHouse High School was also the birth place of Kenton Teigh (aka Rage) and the Fighter's Supreme Twin Saga. The beginning of the flagship series that will hopefully launch both Frank Reese and CoDec Entertainment Software into your hearts.

Words From Frank Reese

The main reason why I started CoDec Entertainment Software was to put a end to all this "crap" software that was being release. I am a Hardcore gamer through and through. The only games that challenged (at that time, 97-99) me were Rare's Perfect Dark, Rares GoldenEye and Nintendos 1080 Snowboarding (I know they were all Nintendo 64 games). So I started on game concepts that I knew I would want to play.

First of all, I'm a gamer and freelance writer. Instead of abandonment of one of my passions, I decide to combined them. It all started when I began to write the novel Fighter's Supreme. The story which is complex, deals with religion, racism, political themes, morals, and questions about life itself. Also to broaden the audience of readers I added the elements of Good and Evil. I knew most readers will understand and love the book, but as well I knew there was a small percentage of readers that would benefit better if the epic story was made interactive. The book is epic in scale, and in a lot of ways was made for videogame software. The book is very detail in the way it describes the events, plot, characters and fighting styles, among other story elements. But I knew if the story was interactive, not only would the story benefit from being interactive, but non-readers would benefit as well. It would allow people (readers and non-readers) to fully interact as well slowly understand the characters and the story.

In 1999, that is when I got serious about this company. I started to learn C++ programming as well as Microsoft Visual Basic by myself, from books and training manuals on the internet. I was picking apart games that were being release. For example, What makes this game better then others?, Why did the developers choose this camera for this game? etc... I started to buy PC games that let you design mods on the games engine. I educated myself in games, the good and the bad. CoDec Entertainment Software was establish late April 1999. That summer I also met the future chairman of CDES, Tom Flangan. Tom was going to school for Computer Science. Tom along with myself started on Fighter's Supreme: The Beginning of the End. Between Fall 1999 and Summer 2001 we began to fill the spots of the different departments we needed. Fighter's Supreme was on its way. Each and every employee worked for free, helped to fund the projects as well. But being a independent developer is hard on your pocket, mind, body, and soul. But we continue to roll with the good and the bad. Till this day, we continue without help from others to bring Fighter's Supreme to life. We're always looking for new staff members, if you got what it takes, e-mail us.

My company's trademark is that we add Role Playing (RP) elements to every game we are making. Even if it's a driving game, sports game, or whatever genre we venture into. RP adds realistic elements to games, make them true to life. That is also why we are called the "Hybrid" company. All of our current games in development are hybrid of different genres. For example, Fighter's Supreme combines the genres RP, Action, Adventure, Simulation, and most of all Fighting. So you get the point when I tell you that we are a company dedicated to innovation.

Finally, I close with this. Follow your dreams. I'm doing my dream right now, it's hard on the nerves, body and spirit. Believe me when I tell you this. But in the end I know it will be worth the time, funds, and diligent work.

With updates, the CoDec history page will get larger, so please check back to learn more about your favorite software company.

A complete update is coming soon.

Our Business Philosophy

The objective of our business is to provide high quality products and reliable services for our customers and members. We hope you will enjoy visiting our website and using our products and services as much as we enjoyed providing them for you. And always remember, CoDec is "Bringing Gaming To The Next Level!"

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