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Short Stories from CoDec employees and CoDec Club Members

The Death of Frank Reese


Written By Frank Reese



The benign asylum in the inner self of Frank Reese was too much for Rage to handle. The overwhelming aggression that is Rage began to awake from the suppressed sleep. Longed put to sleep by Frank for it's whimsical behavior, Rage was set to control the tenuous Frank. The vocation that Frank has, lead others to believe he was weak. Unable to deal with this, Rage began a meticulous timing to take control.


            Little does Rage know, Frank isn't weak, nor is he brittle. He can be feral; the decorous shell that the real Frank hides in is also about to open. The true Frank is an omnipotent leader that is elusive. The timing of these two accounts can be only called destiny. The War of Eseer and Semaj have begun..... 

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