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Literature (Poetry And Short Stories)


The Heartless Mini Poetry Book
Literature (Poetry And Short Stories)

Poetry and Short Stories by Frank Reese

Shattered Heart (Part One)

(The Heartless Poetry Book Vol. One)

Written By Frank Reese



An emptied area where the heart once stood,

Darkness now covers all.

Left is a note, of a story that is countless told before,

Of lessons learned the hardest way.

"Given towards, expecting returns."

A path once taken, now covered in reddish pieces,

Reminders not to take haste towards any given passage.

Dim lights oversee judgment, fog oversee sense,

Governed by one's past memories, it is tough to go forward.

Less is the saying "Time mends all wounds,"

When said Wounds are timeless,

When pain pours like the time clock itself.


The past remains close, while the future makes haste,

So I come to a crossroad,

Mend one's wounds to only reopen them later.

That seems to be the secret curse of life,

As past lessons are ignored,

For present joys, and

For future wounds.....


Copyright 2004 Frank Reese MediaWorks (A CoDec Enterprises, Inc company)


Unknown Darkness (Part One)

(The Heartless Death Poetry Book Vol. One)

Written By Frank Reese



The words, I cannot define.....enter into my soul.

Searching for something.....I do not know.

The darkness awaits the call,

Deep inside the darkness I fall...until...

I recall

The moments of time when my days were bright,

The minutes cheerful,

The seconds wonderful.....

Yet those are only memories,

I do not wish to see,

For the pain,

Will not let me be.

Joy only gives away to pain,

Pain gives away to hurt,

And hurt gives away to Unknown Darkness.


Copyright (C) 2000-2004 Frank Reese MediaWorks (A CoDec Enterprises, Inc Company)


All Literature is the works of Frank Reese
Copyright 2000-2004 Frank Reese MediaWorks
All Rights Reserved
(A CoDec Enterprises, Inc company)