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Poetry from CoDec employees and CoDec Club Members

Side Walk (Pt. 1) By Frank Reese

The morning sun scares away the frost on the tip of my nose.

A hard-cast bed meets my head,

as a limp serves as a pillow.

Rags in rags do little to comfort my shallow body,

as the soldiers of nature taste my soul.

The taste of liquor lingers,

only to remind me of my meager existence.

A forgotten son of this bleeding world.

But I must make haste,

for the morning public has arrive.

To bring my tarnish pride,

and unheard cry, to the limited sky.

Copyright (c) 2003 Frank Reese Media Works Inc.

The poem above is a sample of the Heartless Poetry book, Coming Soon from Frank Reese Media Works Inc.

SideWalk (P.2)   Written By Frank Reese


My dreams shattered,

Like the broken glass on the street.

Never to be filled I wondered,

As my heart skips a beat.

My health is failing,

And I can no longer sleep.

I have no money,

So theres no food to eat,

Nor medicine to treat.

I ask for change,

But some people are so cheap.

The time will be coming,

For me to leave this earth.

I wish it will hurry up.

Because I can't stand this hurt.


Copyright (c) 2003 Frank Reese MediaWorks Inc

Music,          Written by Alex Herbeck Edited by Frank Reese

Music is...

The sweet strums of a violin

Music is...

The keys on a piano playing a beautiful melody

Music is...

The voice of someone singing a sweet lullaby

Music is...

The breeze that travels through your hair on a windy day

Music is...

The sweet sounds of bird singing at the start of spring

Music is...

The rain falling steadily on the rooftop

Music is...

The voice of the one you love saying goodnights

Music is any form

Any shape

Music is your life

Your heart

Music is what you are and in everything around you

Music is the basic joy of life!

"Rainbow"        Written by Alexa, Edited by Rageset

Some say that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
doesn't exist
I believe that is untrue

Because when I looked into your eyes, I saw the rainbows end

There I saw you.

The Girlfriend Poem

Written by Frank Reese

Falling of an angel,

In my arms she lies.

True are the words,

True love is hard to find.

Out of nowhere she comes to me,

Like a bottled letter from the great blue sea.

My heart races out of fear,

To her heart I cannot compare.

She takes my hand and I begin to follow,

As we walk to the light amiss the shadows.

My heart pains I felted before,

Begins to mend without a sore.

As we come up to the light,

I start to lose my sight.

This must be the test,

To give her my trust with none less.

I am washes in the light,

I give some fight.

Suddenly the fear and pain lets me be,

I open my eyes and truly see.

Her love is apart of me.

She leaded me through the shadow of death.

For this reason alone I believe

I will remain in her arms until time ceases to be.

Copyright 2003 CoDec Entertainment Software Inc., All rights reserved.

"So I Suppose You Could Say"      By Leo James II

The lines Deepen;

Perpetuating a weariness.

Born of an overpowering awareness;

Bled by the pleas;

Of Yet, a lost Generation.

I scream out in anguish.

Your tragedy transcends mine;

Immobilized into a miligrant impotency:

Demanding human sacrifice.

Surely you too appreciate my need;

for Understanding.

My desire to be held.

But until peace curesses your being;

I melt away.

Into a landscape of emotions.

Promising the future within;

The tenderness I could,

Bless you with.

Please, do not worry!

I will be back.

And you will be ready!

(The poem above is bought to you by Frank Reese Media Works Inc)

To An Unknown God.       By Katie Holt. 

Hey.  It's me again.

I am too weak to attack all the unjust in the world.

Living itself is already an accomplishment.

Staying alive is not a right or responsibility.

It is a profession.

Existence has nothing to do with the fancies of this world.

My body longs for the wind of April and the dusk of June.

The long and sleepless night defeats me.

Hey. It's me again.

I judge myself by this difference between my dreams and my soul.

Copyright CoDec Entertainment Software
All Rights Reserved
CoDec Enterprises