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The CoDec Store

How to order from The CoDec Store

The CoDec Store accepts all major credit cards, e-checks, personal checks and money orders. We accept credit cards and e-checks via PayPal, which is easy, fast and secure!

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How To Order

The CoDec Store team want to make buying on this website as easy as possible. So please follow these simple rules.

If ordering by personal check or money order, please use The CoDec Buyer's Form. Click Here

If you can't use the option above, please email us the following info to

Full Name, Home Address, Phone Number with area code, Item(s) name and SKU number(s). If you're a CoDec Trusted Customer, please include your ID number for discounts and more! We'll then, email you the total cost, and order number.

Please make the personal check or money order payable to (Frank Reese CEO, The CoDec Store) and make sure to write the order number on the personal check or money order.