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Frank's Opinions
Thursday, 11 March 2004
Samples From My First Poetry Book (The Heartless Poetry Book)
Unknown Darkness (Part. One) (Heartless Poetry Book Vol. One) Written By Frank Reese

The words, I cannot define...enter into my soul. Searching for something...I do not know. The darkness awaits the call, Deep inside the darkness I fall..until... I recall... The moments of time when my days were bright, The minutes cheerful, The seconds wonderful... Yet those are only memories, I do not wish to see, For the pain, Will not let me be. Joy only gives away to pain, Pain gives away to hurt, And hurt gives away to Unknown Darkness.

Posted by ragesets at 9:21 AM EST
Wednesday, 15 October 2003
Frank's Opinion: On The Kobe Bryant Case
Hello All,

I've been thinking a lot about this case in general, quite a high-case movie drama I say. The crazed media following every moment, the defense pointing fingers at the woman's past, and the state's prosecutors knowing only that Kobe is guilty of such acts. Yet another story to add to Hollywood's Hall Of Shame vault. My opinion is less on Kobe, and more on people wanting to know everyone's business besides their own. People need to get a life, and then live it! Spend more time enjoying your precious life before it's too late and all you're left with is memories of others...not your own experiences.

Do I believe Kobe is guilty? No, he is not. Although we all have our secrets and hidden demons; why would such an successful man with so much to lose...rape someone when he has the pick of the litter and can choose basically any woman he desires. She agreed to go up to his room...what did she think they were going up there to do? Play chess, cards...videogames? She knew Kobe has a wife (and no intent to leave her). What it all boils down to, they both had consensual sex together...she might have thought Kobe would have wanted to become lovers for more then a one-night stand. She thought wrong and decided to get revenge. Alas, I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's how it went down. Who ever wins this case, doesn't really matter. Both learned a pretty valuable lesson...Kobe learned to keep his dick in his pants...the woman now knows she doesn't have a life. When will people learn?...

Frank Reese, CEO of CoDec Enterprises

Posted by ragesets at 12:18 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 3 September 2003
Frank's Opinion: On The Death of Disc formats.
This is one of those subjects, which will be debated for many years to come. Will Discs go the way of the vinyl LP? With so much illegal downloading of music, movies, software, etc.. Many critics claim the deaths of the Dvd and CD formats will be very soon, in five years some predict. What will take there place is Video-On-Demand(VOD). A format which will stream/download music, movies, software and more to your TV, Computer, PDA, MP3 Players, etc. Do I think the disc formats are going to die? No. Not yet anyway. Almost all consumers have CD players, lots of consumers have DVD players (Note, the dvd format was predicted to kill off the VHS format, which never happen). CD and DVD players are cheaper then ever before, which will continue the consumer use of those formats. CD and DVD burners are cheaper also, so things are not going to change so easily!

Even when Americans start using VOD services, it won't stop the hackers from "breaking the codes." In my many years on the internet, I seen many things that were "hack proof" become "hacked" with ease. Some of these hackers are geniuses. Bored with common things, but once a challenge appears, I promise they will find a way to break this format as easily as they did with the CD and DVD formats. As technology becomes cheaper and more available to hackers as well as common folk, nothing is "hack proof." I'm not on anybody's side on this subject, I'm a software designer, so most people will think I'm on the "corp companies" side. Nope! I used to remember CD's being almost $21, sometimes even more! So the consumers started fighting back when CD burners became cheaper. Same thing is going to happen with the VOD format. I'll get back to you all on this subject when I learn more of it.

Frank Reese, CEO of CoDec Enterprises

Posted by ragesets at 11:25 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 28 September 2003 2:28 PM EDT
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Saturday, 30 August 2003
Frank's Opinion: On the Do-Not-Call List
Telemarketers, the pain of Americans. Selling shit products for high prices, calling all times of the night and they say they care about us. Who are they kidding, not me. But as soon as we try to protect ourselves, they start bitching about "their free speech rights." Let's get this clear telemarketers, you been violating our rights for years. No one cares that you're offering 30% off of your crap products, or that you have a special offer for "today only." Get a real job, open up a real business and stop fucking with us. Annoying working Americans while they sleep or trying to relax from work isn't good business, it's not business at all. The whole Do-Not-Call List is a wonderful idea, and I'm grateful for it. Now the only other major problem is SPAM, where's the Do-Not-Email List?

Frank Reese.

Posted by ragesets at 8:35 AM EDT
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